From simple colors to complex arrangements of the colors Mother Nature paints the desert with vivid colors. This section has showcases the huge variety of the West. From the simple leaves to images of grand scale the Western United States is very diverse. With five national parks, the mountains, and the desert Utah is a photographers dream. Utah is a place where photographers from all over the world come to visit. Add to this the areas of the Intermountain West and you could spend a lifetime photographing the scenes of the West.
In order to capture the finest details of a small insect or the veins on a flower a prime macro lens is a fantastic tool to have.
Nature is complex and ever changing. In order to capture great photos one must have patience, great timing, and nice equipment is a bonus. Nature is everything from wide open shots, to macro. From the smallest bugs to the largest animals. It is unpredictable and presents many challenges to the photographer.
I have come across many scenes where one frame will give proper justice as to what is before me. In this area are found some of my favorite photos of mountains, sunsets, and other landscape scenery where I needed to use multiple skills and tools to capture what I was seeing. In this section you will find photos turned into paintings, HDR and regular panoramic photos.
For photographic purposes i have placed all man made objects under the category of architecture. This includes trucks, cars, bridges, buildings and photos processed using HDR.

There is nothing quite as thrilling as capturing the moment a young athlete completes a goal they have been working on. From action packed to the simple moments in life, some of the best images show the emotions of our human race.

The artistic section includes photos that were processed using HDR, Snap Art 2, Topaz, and some Nic Software.
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