kauai Sunrise

This photo was taken at the end of the runway of Lihue airport on Kauai. Ten minutes before the photo was taken it was a complete downpour. I almost left, but am glad I stayed.Kauai Sunrise

Grandview Sunset

The sun setting on Utah Lake. This photo was three different frames each with 5 exposures. It was a great way to end Black Friday.


Tibble Fork

This weekend was devoted to organizing my photos and making room on my hard drive. While going through the process this was one of the lost photos that I found.


Double Rainbow


This two shot pano was right after a brief summer rainstorm in Heber, Utah.

Annular Eclipse

This photo was taken tonight at Squaw Peak.  We were having a blast with all of our new friends tonight watching the eclipse.  It became apparent quickly that my equipment was not up to par with taking photos of the sun.  I had my 70-200 mm lens with 1.7 teleconverter and an 8 stop variable neutral density filter on the camera.  The f/stop was set at f/40 with the shutter speed extremely high.  The filter and set up was still only able to create a blurry image. 

Then the clouds rolled in.  We were a little saddened, because the clouds came minutes before maximum coverage. Just before we were to leave the clouds thinned ever so slightly.  I quickly reset up the equipment, keeping the camera settings the same.  The difference was the clouds thinned the light enough to allow the camera to capture a fun image.  The shutter speed went down to 1/80 of a second at f/5.  This picture was taken at 320mm on a tripod at 200 iso.  To get the final output I sharpened the and added a slight bit of saturation. 


Draper Temple

I took this photo tonight as part of our family night activity.  To make this photo I took three different exposures of the bottom of the temple and three of the top.  Then I combined these photos to get the end result.


Utah Lake State Park

I haven’t been able to get out much lately so tonight when I was able to leave work at a reasonable hour and there were clouds in the sky I took the opportunity to run down to Utah Lake. This is a 3 stop HDR of the sun setting over a frozen Utah Lake State Park boat harbor. I shot this with my Nikon D7000. I love this camera except for one feature. That is the HDR capabilities. I would like them to do a software update to allow at least 5 stops 7 would be even better.

I like how this photo is a almost a battle between the warms and the cools. It won’t be too much longer until the warms are dominating the scenery. I like how the ice has frozen in a way that takes the eye on an adventure throughout the photo.

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