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Jon from Reflected Pixel is an extremely talented photographer. Jon shoots with excellent equipment and know how and when to use it. He is always looking for the angle or look that most other photographers overlook. Take some time to check out his web site. Jon has several photos for sale and he has a daily blog where dissects a photo a day. He is also featured on HDR Spotting.
This photo was featured on HDR Spotting as an editors pick. Take some time and look at all the great photos people are uploading to this site.

In addition to this site I have several photos located on Flickr. These photos have a brief explanation as to how it was taken.
I met Dave on Flickr. He is an extremely talented nature photographer. What originally drew me to his photos were the incredible birding shots he was able to capture. Take some time and check his site out. It will be well worth your time.
DCStep for the main page. Also check out his interestingness page.
John Burton
John is a close personal friend who has devoted his life to educating our youth. He has been a teacher, an elementary principal, an elementary principal supervisor, and now a teacher of university student teachers. He is currently running for a position on the Board of Education in the Alpine School District in Alpine, Utah. Please take a moment to look at his web page and the positions he stands for.